An eco-friendly coffee initiative: new dawn on the horizon for sustainable Omukwano coffee farming.


Building on the success of the Omukwano partnership between Caffè River and NUCAFE which has provided a number of life-changing opportunities, NUCAFE attracted a number of Danish partners aBi Group and NIRAS supported by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) that are further investing in building smallholder farmers’ resilience using the “Farmer Ownership Model” for empowerment in climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in the coffee value chain.

Ruwenzori Mountains
On the foothills of Rwenzori Mountain farmers grow Arabica coffee between altitude 1400 M and 2200 M. In this region farmers have over the years faced a challenge of access to markets, poverty, and high levels of illiteracy. However, through NUCAFE interventions, coffee farmers have been empowered to add value to their coffee through the farmer ownership model to improve their incomes. Coffee growing in the region has undergone evolution and technological advancement, from use beating the dry pods with sticks to remove the husks to motorized hullers and wet processing technology.


With the social premium 2017/18 earned from coffee sold through NUCAFE to Caffè River, Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association built & granted a First Aid Health Center for the farmers in Madenge Village.

We are happy to tell three stories that document how the 2017/2018 Social Prize was used as part of the Omukwano project.


Kabonero Mountainous Coffee Growers Association located in Kabarole district, Kabonero Sub County is comprised of 601 coffee farmers of which 138 are women, 100 youths and 363 men who collectively work together and bulk their fair trade certified coffee as an association for higher coffee prices. The association day to day activities are led by the business manager Mr. Muthahinga Enosi a 26-year-old male who believes that the association is growing from when it started way back.


There has always been a saying that disability is not inability and right from a young age I have always thought of myself as a normal person who could accomplish anything that comes my way. Having been born from a coffee-growing household I also went and studied more in agriculture and came back to see how best practice what I learned in school.

When I decided to join coffee farming, I thought it was a venture I would not benefit from but after I had my first harvest I decided to put more effort into attending the training provided by NUCAFE training agricultural practices, ownership of coffee to ensure improved livelihoods.

 Hurricane Nate

Hurricane Nate upsets coffee plantations in Tarrazú in Costa Rica

Thanks to the Closest Connection project, Caffè River has been able to intervene immediately with direct aid to the communities of local coffee farmers for the reconstruction of the destroyed schools.

the coffee business
In my fast start out in the coffee business, I did not have a lot of interest in joining coffee farming because the requirements were quite high and as a fresh graduate from Makerere University, with no income or money, I found farming quiet hard.

smallholder coffee farmer
One would say you will die because of planting coffee, but the answer I usually give them is it is my life, my source of livelihood.

Arnon Thitiprasert
On the 16th, 17th and 19th of October the Caffè River Training Centre in Arezzo will host Arnon Thitiprasert, the World Champion of Latte Art 2017, crowned on June 15 in Budapest, Hungary.

Matteo Beluffi
On April 4, the Caffè River Training Centre will house in Arezzo Matteo Beluffi, the 2017 Italian Latte Art Champion, crowned on January 23 at 2017 Sigep fair in Rimini. 

women farmers along the coffee value chain

Coffee has always been looked at as a man’s crop and has had limited engagement with women. Despite the fact that women do a lot of work, they have benefited less from the crop and more work still needs to be done to empower the women farmers along the coffee value chain. Mariam Nandudu had been one of them for many years until she joined Bufumbo Organics Farmers Association.

Omukwano: Mabira CFA

Mabira Coffee Farmers Association is a member of NUCAFE established in 2008. It is located in Buikwe District (0.3144° N, 32.9888° E), Nkokonjeru Town Council with 1116 members, 894 men and 222 women in the Mabira forest catchment area to the north, Lake Victoria to the south and the source River Sezibwa which crosses through most of the district flowing northwards to join the River Nile.

Omukwano: Naama CFA
NUCAFE supports rural communities in the district of Mubende one of them being Naama community. It is located in the Central Region 0°25'00.0"N 31°59'00.0"E of Uganda characterized by natural fertile soils and endowed with good rains favorable for coffee production. It is an upcoming coffee producing region with most of the coffee bushes below the age of 10 years which gives them a good cup taste and physical characteristics.

Giuseppe Fiorini

Register now to the Latte Art/crash course #12 with Giuseppe Fiorini, 2016 Latte Art Italian Champion.

Rubens Gardelli

Register now to Brewing / crash course # 1 with Rubens Gardelli, Italian Brewing Champion of 2014 and 2015.

Pietro Vannelli

Register now to Latte Art / crash course #11 with Pietro Vannelli, Italian Latte Art Champion of 2015.

Caleb Cha

Register now to Latte Art / crash course #10 with the Australian Caleb Tiger Cha, World Latte Art Champion in 2015!

Caffè River card

Eventually we would like to welcome the Caffè River card, offering exclusive access to all services of Caffè River!

After the World Latte Art Champion, Christian Ullrich, it was the turn of the Vice World Latte Art Champion Chiara Bergonzi, who will be the teacher of Latte Art/crash course #8 sessions in Arezzo at Caffè River Training Centre, on days 11, 12 and 13 February 2015.

Christian Ullrich

Caffè River will animate in Perugia on October 26, the final event of Eurochocolate 2014, and will dedicate exclusively to the Latte Art this event. Special guest from Germany, there will be Christian Ullrich, the Latte Art World Champion in 2014.

Fidilio Barista Championship

The Fidilio Barista Championship 2014, which Caffè River has given its support, it was a great event with a truly amazing impact among coffee lovers of the great Middle-Eastern country.

Caffè River was present with Alireza Eskandari, Mara Bruni, Francesco Guadagni and Giuseppe

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