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The road from coffee farmer to consumer is long and awkward. The coffee farmer, almost always unknown, is indifferent to the destiny of his own coffee, made almost "neutral" by the presence of many middlemen. In contrast, we act according to our "Closest Connection" principle, to make the farmer proud and accountable for the quality of his own coffee, at the same time guaranteeing a full traceability.

Coffee in Peru

Peru - Chanchamayo
The Familia Caballero Quispe - Colonia Huanca, Pichanaki, Peru

Shirley Caballero Quispe lovingly cultivates her coffee, at the gates of the majestic Amazon rainforest in Peru, at the foot of the dizzying Andes, in an inaccessible and fascinating place called Chanchamayo, certain that the love for her work can overcome any adversity.


UGANDA - It is one of the three associations located in Bushenyi district: Kagango, Kyangyenyi, Nyabubare. The district is home to the Banyonkore ethnic group, who are divided into the Bairu (peasant Banyankore), Banyaruru and Batagwenda (immigrants from the Buganda Kingdom) and the Bahororo.

Kabonero Mountains CFA

UGANDA - Kabonero Mountainous Coffee Growers Association located in Kabarole district, Kabonero Sub County is comprised of 601 coffee farmers of which 138 are women, 100 youths, and 363 men who collectively work together and bulk their fair trade certified coffee as an association for higher coffee prices.

COSTA RICA - San Marcos de Tarrazú.
The beautiful family of Minor Esquivel produces top-quality coffee in the farm called La Pastora, in a breathtaking landscape near to San Marcos de Tarrazú. Don Minor, his wife doña Dilcia and their three children Yaindra, Nitzi e Bryan work with passion and care for the detail in their farm at an altitude between 1300 and 1600 meters amsl.

COSTA RICA - Lourdes de Naranjo

A farm that went through four generations.

The owner Daniel Arrieta is member of a family of 5 brothers and his parents, Mr. Uriel Arrieta and wife Adela, still cooperate in managing the farm while the majority of their grandchildren helps during harvesting.

COSTA RICA - San Luis de Naranjo

The family Oviedo Rojas is made by Mr Belman Oviedo, his wife and their two teenagers children, Carlos e Tatiana, both of them helping the conduction of the farm.

Their land is located at 1600 asml where they grow caturra and geisha coffee varieties. They also farm avocado trees.

COSTA RICA - Carrizal de Tarrazú

The Chacón Jiménez family is a small farmer in the world famous Tarrazú area, with land around 1750 asml and mainly coffee trees of the caturra variety.

COSTA RICA - San Juan de Tarrazú

The Amrhein Contreras family owns a farm in the Tarrazú area with terrains located between 1450 and 1550 amsl with varieties as caturra, hibridos and geisha.

COSTA RICA - Cedral de San Ramón

The family, don Sergio, wife Ana María and the two children Sergio and Patricia, produces coffee in the San Ramón area between 1200 and 1500 metri amsl.

COSTA RICA - San Antonio de San Ramón

The family Quesada Rodríguez is a small producer of coffee in the San Ramón area. The family includes the two brothers Mario and Eduardo Alberto and their respective wives. Don Eduardo has two sons, Alberto José and Francisco, who help in the sun drying the coffee

BRAZIL - Fazenda Santa Inês

Farmer name: Pereira family

Altitude: 900 ~ 1050 m

Processing Method: Naturals, Pulped Naturals

Certifications: BSCA - Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association; COE - Brazil finalist in several years

Coffee Varieties: Catucaí, Yellow & Red Catuaí, Yellow & Red Bourbon, Acaiá

BRAZIL - Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

Monte Alegre is an important traditional producer of coffee, active since the XVII century in the celebrated coffee producing region of Sul de Minas, one of the ancient coffee producing area of the entire Brazil.

BRAZIL - Buritizeiro, Cerrado Mineiro

Fazenda Império is located in the north of the Cerrado Mineiro, the northern savannah in the Minas Gerais state.

Cerrado Mineiro features large extensions of land, with large farms and large residual areas of wild savannah.

BRAZIL - Patrocínio Paulista, Alta Mogiana

The Fazenda São Francisco is located in Alta Mogiana, a region in the NE of the state of Sao Paulo, which, with over two centuries of history in coffee production, boasts now several small and modern coffee farms. 


UGANDA - Kapchorwa area on the Elgon Mountain

At an altitude of nearly 2.000 meters above sea level, on the rarefied volcanic heights of Elgon Mount, was founded the Kabeywa United Coffee Farmers Association (KUCOFA), a manufacturer of wonderful special arabica. The association joins the two great tribes of Bagisu and Sabiny.

National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises

UGANDA - NUCAFE, the National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises, works since 1995 to represent the interests of farmers, trying to emancipate them from the current situation and to improve their living conditions. NUCAFE works in all five coffee regions of Uganda and groups 125 associations of farmers, for a total of over 100.000 farm families.

UGANDA - Rwenzori Mount

UGANDA - Rwenzori Mount

The Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union counts about 5.500 farmers that produce coffee at the foot of the legendary "Mountains of the Moon" (already known to the Romans and described by Ptolemy), that is the current Rwenzori mountain range in western Uganda, at an altitude between 1,400 and 2,000 meters above sea level... 

UGANDA - Under-county of Bufumbo, Elgon Mount

The Bufumbo Organic Coffee Farmers Association is an association of farmers formed in 1997 in the village of Bufumbo, Mbale district, with the aim of improving the living conditions of the farmers and to pass from small peasant farming to a more commercial structure.

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