There are many reasons why we can be proud of our products and services, aiming always to quality and innovation, at the base of Caffè River actions there is a great commitment directed from years towards social responsibility.

Costa Rica coffee

Costa Rica has always been the land where it is produced the best coffee in the world, but the poor profitability of the coffee compared to the stock exchange pushes more and more farmers to leave their cultivation to focus on more profitable activities. This represents a loss for the farmers themselves, their communities, and all coffee lovers.

Coffee for food needs

We are proud to support the Banco Alimentare della Toscana with a part of our coffee.


The Banco Alimentare della Toscana helps over 100,000 people by providing food to around 600 charitable institutions received from companies or from individuals.

the future baristas

We support free, and we are doing it for many years, the Istituti Alberghieri with our CaffeinAula project. We are offering teachers the opportunity to host our specialized training courses, taught by our staff, performed directly in their classes and we are making sure that their students receive a solid theoretical and practical education

photovoltaic panels

The reduction of our environmental impact is a continuous source of commitment, both in the choice of materials, both in the rationalization of energy choices, in order to decrease the environmental effects arising from production.

Since 2008, more than half of the electricity we use is self-produced by our solar park located

 small coffee farmers in Uganda

Our collaboration with NUCAFE, the union of small coffee farmers in Uganda, enabled and enable us to support thousands of families of farmers with fair prices, pre-financing without interest, accelerated payments, and other benefits.

This collaboration led to the Omukwano coffee brand, which means "friendship" in Luganda language, which characterizes

The collaboration with Oxfam Italia, which gave birth to Jamao Coffee, represented a considerable experience in the collaboration between companies and NGOs for a social support project.

In 2000 we began our partnership with Oxfam Italia (at the time named "Ucodep") to support them in their project “Vivir la montaña”, which

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